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Beddington’s Bed and Bath


By adding the final touch to any room, home linen is the first thing you often notice in a house. The colours, textures, materials and styles can make a delightful space out of the drab, comfort out of the cold.

Beddington’s Bed and Bath, Canada’s leading independent bed and bath specialists, know customers have many choices when it comes to buying linen, and are grateful to their customers for making Beddington’s their choice for the last 20 years.

Beddington’s Bed and Bath is a privately-owned Canadian retail chain founded in 1991 and managed by business partners Lynn Soucie and Murray Wall, whose experience in retail buying and a keen sense of the linen market has expanded the business one customer at a time throughout the Ottawa and Toronto regions. The core of the business is delivering on exemplary customer service and value-priced bedding that customers want and need to make their homes as beautiful as they can be. The company also provides a welcome alternative to the diluted focus of department stores.

Beddington’s Bed and Bath sells everything for the bed and bathroom, from window panels, duvets, pillows, towels, sheets, robes and much more.

Knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any question about a product—they are trained to know the products inside and out and help customers make the right decision based on their needs. The same customer philosophy is applied to the online store where there is a “live chat” option on every page with a service representative waiting to help customers with their questions.

“What we have accomplished is a result of hard work and the exemplary team that we are fortunate to work with and who bring a lot of value to our business and to our customer,” says Wall.

One of those people is Monika Kairouz, Buyer at Beddington’s Bed and Bath. “She has an incredible knack for colour, style, trend, fabrics,” lauds Wall. “She also has a wonderful ability to combine her knowledge of fashion with her knowledge of business.”

Beddington’s Bed and Bath anchors its inventory with 80 per cent core products such as solid colours, basic bedding, and 20 per cent fashion-forward inventory which correlate to seasonal trends.

The focus on getting products at great prices means keeping overhead low, bringing the customer high quality products at or below the marketplace.

“We are constantly pushing that envelope to get higher quality, especially products made with “bamboo” or silk fibre, which our customers go crazy over. We have a whole collection made of pure silk fill—immensely popular.”

Beddington’s Bed and Bath responds to what its customers are looking for by asking “What is our value add or unique proposition that makes a customer want to deal with us, rather than a big box store?”

“Our team takes opportunities to work on the selling floor, talk and listen to customers. We don’t ask customers what is good, rather, we ask them to tell us what they don’t like because then we can work on the problems or find the products we don’t have; it is an evolution to meet more customer demand.

“We felt there was an opportunity to serve the market with a much more customer-focused model.”

Distribution and inventory management

“If you don’t have the size and stock the customer wants you aren’t serving anybody,” says Wall, who strongly supports the company’s major investment in automation which allows for real-time stock inventory.

“We can track productivity of every item in every store at all times.” The system allows the user to select any item and see how it is performing and make informed decisions on buying, clearing, or promotional activity, and expanding on the product that customers are excited about.

“We can react very quickly by getting more stock into our pipeline. As well, we have a process of Just-in-Time replenishment. The central warehouse in Ottawa holds the equivalent of a month-and-a-half of inventory, so as product sells in our stores, the very next morning our team in the warehouse picks, packs, and ships the fresh stock to replenish the stores within 24 hours.”

Beddington’s Bed and Bath excels because it takes time to listen to its customers, to deliver on customer demand in real time and by providing only the best in home linen. With expansion continuing, Beddington’s Bed and Bath exemplify the best in customer care.

“It’s instant—a big part of customer service.”