Bell Appeals CRTC Ruling on Fibre Internet Access

Fiber optic tips

CBJ — Bell is appealing a ruling by the CRTC that it must make its state-of-the-art fibre Internet access available to small ISPs in order to provide a level playing field for all Internet Service Providers.

By allowing the smaller ISPs the ability to access the tier-one network they would be able to provide their customers with the best possible method of delivery.  The competition would also drive Internet prices down with more options for consumers.

It was back in July when the CRTC ruled that large telecom companies such as Bell must sell wholesale access to their fibre networks to independent internet providers.

Bell is appealing the ruling to both the CRTC and to the federal Cabinet in Ottawa.

Fibre to the home, which is now being installed in cities around the world, could increase Internet speeds to over 1,000 megabits per second, compared to top speeds of around 50 or 100 megabits per second for current DSL and cable technology.