Bemac Collision Centres

Collision Repair Experts

From mechanical service, to automotive detailing, to glass installation, Bemac Collision Centres offers the entire collision repair gamut under one roof. With three facilities across Greater Ottawa and a fourth location in Gatineau, Que. (Bemac Auto Body, Turpin Collision Centre, Capital Collision Centre, Carrosserie Demers), Bemac Collision Centres is ideally situated to provide regional service.

Led by brothers-in-law and co-owners Gaetano Frangione and Frank Palermo, Bemac Collision Centres is a family-run business that dates back to 1962. In 1975, Frangione and Palermo assumed ownership of Bemac Autobody Ltd. This June, Joe and Danny Frangione along with their father Gaetano took a 100 per cent stake of Bemac Collision Centres. Today, Bemac Collision Centres celebrates 50 years in business.

History of Success

What makes Bemac Collision Centres unique is that it is an owner-operator, with ownership involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. It is this level of care and commitment that makes Bemac Collision Centres stand out from its competition. More than 50 years in the collision repair market certainly speaks to the history of success at Bemac Collision Centres. The four facilities of Bemac Collision Centres combine for more than 60,000 square feet in collision repair space, and represent the company’s pledge to offer industry-leading collision repair service.

“Aside from ownership and a management team that is second to none, we have a diverse, dynamic and experienced team of over 50 employees at Bemac Collision Centres that play an integral role in the company’s success,” Joe Frangione told The Canadian Business Journal. “Vehicles are constantly changing. This is why we offer our staff the latest in training, and this is why the staff at Bemac Collision Centres is at the top of their game. Bemac Collision Centres is also renowned for its state-of-the-art equipment and tools that allow staff to make the proper and necessary vehicle repairs.”

In addition to its collision repair services, with close ties to the industry, Bemac Collision Centres is able to offer customers extended services and savings. “Whether it is providing customers with amazing deals on tires, mechanical upgrading, or continuous services, we offer competitive pricing in the industry,” Frangione explained. “The one-stop shop aspect is very convenient for our customers because once their vehicle is here they know that we are able to service it from point A to point B.”

Bemac Collision Centres has experienced a major expansion in the past five years, adding locations to reach its current four facilities. Plans for continued growth and further expansion are certainly a possibility as well. This fall Bemac Collision centres will be consolidating the Turpin and Capital locations into what will be Ottawa’s largest collision centre. The newly expanded Capital Turpin Collision Centre will comprise of over 45,000 square feet, and will offer its clients the convenience of a three bay drive in appraisal service, and in-house car rental solution by Enterprise Car Rental. Bemac Collision Centres is also able to work with any insurance provider and has a direct repair agreement with all the major insurance carriers.

Frangione commented, “In the next five years, we plan on continuing to expand west into Kanata and the southern end of Ottawa. We are also planning to diversify and expand the business, offering collision and repair service to larger vehicles, buses, RVs, fleet work, and full-sized trucks.”

Customer Convenience

What also distinguishes Bemac Collision Centres is that its partnered with several dealers offering it has customers collision services.

Earlier this year Bemac Collision Centres purchased a tow truck to facilitate the transportation of customer vehicles from its dealer partners to its production facilities.

“Customers love the fact that we now operate a tow truck. We offer valet service where their vehicle can be picked up and returned to the customer once repairs are completed, ” Frangione added. “It is all for the convenience of the customer and we try to do everything to convenience our customer.”

And while much of the automotive industry took a turn for the worse in recent years, that same result has not been reflected at Bemac Collision Centres. In fact, the company has reported a constant growth in sales in recent years.

Collision Solutions Network

In 2006, Bemac Collision Centres joined the Collision Solutions Network (CSN). This key industry association unites 130 collision repair facilities across Canada and offers Bemac Collision Centres representation at the national level.

A national association, CSN provides several membership benefits, from industry insight, to a national lifetime warranty program, and performance measurement standards for operational improvements. CSN also offers best-in-class collision repair training, among other benefits. Bemac Collision Centres is also part of the Direct Repair Program (DRP) which units the company with Canada’s leading automotive insurance companies.

Frangione concluded, “For us, we are an industry leader that is constantly evolving and keeping ahead of the trends.”