Benchmark Corp. collaborates with channel innovators on robust cloud infrastructure that delivers the impossible — near 100 percent availability at half the operational costs with less technical sprawl

Benchmark Corp

TORONTO, July 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Benchmark Corp., a Canadian software solutions provider focused on open source technology to optimize operations, boost productivity and support scalable growth, has launched a white paper called Immutable Clouds – Mastering the Art of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) outlining a step-by-step methodology for a cloud architecture model that provides the enterprise with what others feel is impossible near 100 percent availability at half the cost.
Benchmark Corp. understands building the most robust and secure cloud architecture is one of the CIO’s highest priorities,” says Luc Villeneuve, President, Benchmark Corp. “It’s getting more and more complex for Infrastructure and Operations to deliver complete reliability and a backend that’s always delivering an excellent experience for their customers who are now navigating Covid-19 challenges. Benchmark Corp. helps leaders focus on core business and creating value for your customers to plan for 2021. Our methodology stands out because it’s defined by security, reliability and service without the six-figure external consultant costs — and we have the nimble team and partners to deliver.”In collaboration with top industry innovators HashiCorp, Cloudflare and Virtana, Benchmark Corp. created an original infrastructure methodology with insight from Fortune 500 technology leaders, cloud 100 software companies and market research and data analysis spanning five years. The team examined the implications of the updated Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) operating model and presented solutions for tech teams to adopt this model across infrastructure, security, networking, and application delivery. The methodology eliminates costly transactional backend headaches, offers multiple disaster recovery locations inherent in the design and delivers operational efficiency by reducing what you spend on your cloud architecture, capacity and velocity.“I’m on the front line with my team leading digital transformation strategy for our clients,” says Shlomo Bielak, Benchmark Corp.’s Chief Technology Officer and member of Forbes Technology Council, who led the development of the white paper. “My focus has always been developing innovative multi-vendor approaches to resolve complex problems for customers to offer sustainable models to drive competitive advantage. The marketplace needs innovators who combine consultation and customized solutions without a giant price tag. I’m proud of our cloud infrastructure methodology that simplifies technical sprawl, delivers operational efficiency by reducing your cloud architecture spend, capacity and velocity, and reduces the strain on experts who fix costly outages.”John Gentry, Virtana’s CTO, is excited about collaborating with Benchmark Corp. and the other partners. “The way Benchmark Corp. are bringing together a full ecosystem of partners like HashiCorp, Cloudflare and Virtana really demonstrates their thought leadership and ability to innovate on behalf of their customers to meet rapidly evolving requirements. I am looking forward to making the vision described in this whitepaper a reality in the market.”To download the whitepaper, click here.ABOUT BENCHMARK CORP.
Founded in 2003, Benchmark is a proven Canadian IT solutions provider that delivers leading-edge expertise and custom solutions, with flexible financing, to its long-term commercial and enterprise customers. We focus on helping customers cost-efficiently transform their data center and meet other business needs with innovative solutions that optimize operations, boost productivity and support scalable growth.
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