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Best Theratronics

Therapeutic medical treatment

Founded in the state of Virginia in 1977, Best Theratronics is an American-based healthcare company that has expanded its operations into Canada.

As the Canadian component of Team Best, a network of healthcare provider companies, Best Theratronics manufactures efficient technology and products for the Canadian and global healthcare industry. Best Theratronics’ product lineup is extensive, covering everything from external beam therapy units to self-contained blood irradiators. The company focuses on radiation therapy products and works to provide the best in medical therapy to medical patients and clients, such as hospitals and clinics.

Best Theratronics works to supply and support the medical healthcare community by investing in healthcare improvement. Although a global company, Best Theratronics also acts as a one stop shop in providing the best in medical care through diagnostics, therapy, prevention, and early detection of healthcare issues.

The company works with its clients, as well as the healthcare industry as a whole, to streamline rising medical costs for both the patient and end user. Best Theratronics’ development of low cost, efficient technology and products results in cost reductions for the healthcare industry. Always looking to further improve its efforts, Best Theratronics invests between $4 million and $5 million annually in its internal research and development initiatives toward production development and innovation. As one example, research and development has allowed the company to invest in upgrading its gamma beam as well as acquiring new models using X-ray treatment.

The company’s medical care and therapeutic capabilities are further boosted through its acquisitions of new medical technology and equipment that expands its medical care offering. With this, the company has a vision to not only provide medical solutions, but also a shift in the industry, offering preventive medical care as well. This focus on providing high quality and cost effective products to global medical professionals allows the Best Theratronics network to offer the best in healthcare.

Summarizes the company website, “Our brachytherapy seeds, gold fiducial markers, supplies, accessories and exam equipment exemplify our commitment to uncompromised quality and safety.”

Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics

Recently, Best Theratronics entered a five-year agreement with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, a collaborative effort that will promote the products of Best Theratronics.

Structuring a $15 million contract with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Best Theratronics won the international bid in May 2010 in forming an agreement to manufacture cyclotron, described as a compact particle accelerator where charged particles in a static magnetic field travel from the centre outward accelerating along a spiral by radio frequency electromagnetic fields. Best Theratronics began forming this unique, massive design last year.

“The contract is significantly important in promoting the new series of radioisotope production cyclotrons to be manufactured at Best Theratronics’ Kanata, Ont. plant,” reports the company website. “Three different energy cyclotrons  14, 35 and 70 MeV  are in various stages of design and manufacture. This new product line marks the entry of Best Theratronics into the supply of support equipment for molecular imaging, diagnostics, radiation therapy, isotopes, and research.

“The cyclotron development program at Best Theratronics covers the entire spectrum of radioisotope production for nuclear medicine applications and develops new technologies for the direct production of Technetium in response to the worldwide shortage of nuclear reactor-produced isotopes.”

The three different cyclotron models will be used to produce short-lived isotopes, each focusing on isotopes used mainly in positron emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, and therapy by virtue of the respective energies.

Best Theratronics’ design uses a high current and is very modern and unique. The model targets isotopes for diagnostics and treatment, something that will prove useful in producing many radioactive isotopes currently used for diagnostics and therapy.

Research and development

Since its initiation, Best Theratronics has worked to promote peaceful use of radioactive isotopes. Also known as radionuclide, radioactive isotopes are described as an atom with an unstable nucleus, noted for excess energy available imparted to a newly created radiation participle within the nucleus or through an atomic electron. The radioactive decay from this process emits gamma rays, better known as high frequency electromagnetic radiation. This gamma radiation can then be used for cancer patient treatment.

Moving forward, Best Theratronics has a number of other products in the pipeline as well. Krish Suthanthiran, Founder of Best Theratronics, told The Canadian Business Journal, “We continue to develop new products and we hope to be a dominant player with cyclotron products. We will definitely be able to do that and we will be very successful.”