BestLifeRewarded® Innovations Celebrates 10 Years of Science-based Wellness

OAKVILLE, Ontario, April 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —To our valued clients, members, partners and all global citizens,In these unprecedented times, it feels strange to talk about anything other than COVID-19. That said, the reality is that while we take extraordinary measures to stay safe and protect others, we need to remember to be grateful for what we have and celebrate our personal achievements. With this intention, we would like to share the news that BestLifeRewarded Innovations turned ten this March. While this seems like a peculiar time to celebrate, we are incredibly proud of the service we offer and the spectacular achievements that have been made by our members.For the past decade we’ve been dedicated to driving our vision to improve the health of the population by providing a personalized health action plan through our innovative technology platform. We have seen unprecedented and sustained engagement with our platform, and the health of our membership is improving.“It is so rewarding to see these outstanding engagement and behaviour change results. At first, we hypothesised that multiple behavioural models all working together to provide a tailored-for-you intervention would provide the best conditions for success for people. Now we have proven the model and are seeing great results and so many inspiring success stories,” said Susanne Cookson, co-founder of BestLifeRewarded Innovations.Today, we invite you to celebrate with us, and not in celebration of just our success but of your own. Reflect on your personal wins, whether you deem them big or small!Did you change out of pajamas today? Fantastic!
Did you eat a vegetable? Amazing!
Did you walk over 1,000 steps? Exceptional!
We know these times are unlike anything we’ve faced in our history, and it is now essential that you be kind to yourself. Be grateful for what you have and acknowledge your personal achievements. Remember to celebrate all wins, big or small and maybe realize the small victories were never that small after all. Each one of us at BLRI is grateful to have the privilege to continue offering support for our members during this time. Thank you for the past ten years, thank you for your strength, and thank you for your resilience as we begin this next decade more connected than ever before.Be safe, be well and live your
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