Essential for our Health

In our world of 24-hour stores with row upon row of fridges, freezers and vacuum-packed dishes, it is fair to say that food tends to be readily available. But what if ready-made meals, take out restaurants and salad boxes simply aren’t giving us what we need? The fact is there are a few vital things the food chain does not offer.

One is essential fatty acids and, according to Joe Vidal, President and CEO of Bioriginal Food and Science Corporation, there are two items which we really ought to consider.

“One, your body cannot produce them itself, you have to ingest something,” says Vidal. “Two, if you don’t have them, you will die. Your body cannot survive without essential fatty acids—that’s why they’re called ‘essential.’ It’s not just a marketing term, there’s actually a scientific reason for calling them essential.”

As such, Bioriginal has been working to reintroduce essential fatty acids into our food chain for about 20 years. Vidal joined the team 11 years ago when he heard how pressing it is that we get the essential fatty acids back into circulation and he recognized a clear market and health requirement.
Understanding essential fatty acids

Why are essential fatty acids not present in the food chain today? Vidal says that they are typically oils and tend to be quite unstable. When food such as fish, for instance, goes rancid and gives off such a pungent smell, it’s essential fatty acid oxidizing.

Fish goes bad rather quickly and as a result our moves to stabilize shelf life have occurred.

“Many years ago you typically got essential fatty acids through your normal diet, through the food you eat,” Vidal explains. “But through the 20th century people want a shelf stable food product and one of the ways that was achieved was by people taking essential fatty acids out of the food to make them more stable.”

This is where our lack of natural exposure to proportionate quantities of essential fatty acids has emerged and where Bioriginal spotted a market to bring them back into the food chain. In unison with this market necessity, Vidal says people are continually looking to reduce the amount of substances they put in their bodies and would rather deal with naturally-based products.

This does not necessarily mean that pharma-products are rendered unwanted, but a definite lean toward natural foods is apparent.

Bringing back essential fatty acids

What enables Bioriginal to offer the largest range of essential fatty acids around, despite increase in competition, is exactly where essential fatty acids come from.

“Our belief is that there are numerous applications for essential fatty acids and because we have all of the products in our portfolio we can talk to our scientists and nutritionists about what the correct formula is to achieve what our customer wants to,” says Vidal. “Whether it’s fish oil or flax oil or a plant oil [or other], we can actually formulate a product based on what our science and technical people say should be the most effective product for our end-consumer.”

As a result, Bioriginal has become the one-stop shop for anyone looking for essential fatty acids and its geographic location lends a greater ability to quickly gather quality product.

“Because we’re sitting where we are, we’re very close for access to the raw material source for the plant oil and we think we get the highest quality plant oil because it’s just in our backyard,” says Vidal.

“We can actually select higher, fresher quality and we think that gives us a competitive advantage.”

Additionally, Vidal says that many competitors feel that “every solution to a problem always leads to fish oil,” whereas at Bioriginal it is about what it the most suitable product for the consumer—not what is available or generally accepted. Bioriginal continues to offer whatever a customer needs at the best quality, working hard to present this in new and attractive food products.

What does Bioriginal have to offer?

As Vidal says, essential fatty acids are extremely important but not the most appetizing of products in their most basic form. Luckily, Bioriginal has come up with some smart and sumptuous ways around this.

“If you take a mouthful of oil it’s typically not that great, but we now have [products] where the mouth-feel is quite nice, it takes away the oily taste and we put flavours in,” Vidal explains.

“A number of years ago we launched what is called the Chewable’s and we patented this product to make a capsule product that’s chewable and has the consistency of say, a licorice. The primary target is kids and parents getting children to consume it much more easily. You can’t tell little John or Susie to take this product, but you can say ‘here, take this chewy,’ and they’re much more likely to take it.”

The actual ingredients tend to remain the same, but Bioriginal’s secret to success is how easy it can make it for consumers to get the essential fatty acids they need by both creating products to please the palette and making them readily available at most food stores throughout North America.

“We just recently launched in the last 16 months, a smoothie-type product with the consistency of a very think milkshake or syrup,” Vidal says. “The whole idea is just to make it easier for consumers to take this healthy product.”

Tomorrow’s vital healthy product

As demand for essential fatty acids mounts, the market swells and Bioriginal continues to pioneer new ways to meet the needs of it consumer. Vidal says that innovation and research will pave the way for tomorrow’s essential products.

“The future will be new innovations in the way people consume the product and we’re always scouting out sources for essential fatty acids around the globe,” he says. “If there happens to be a new plant that comes onto the horizon or a new species of fish that becomes commercially available, we’re always looking for those sorts of things.”

With a mind to supply and demand in the long-term, Vidal says that there is a good chance a lot of these products that are typically sourced from fish today may end up coming from a plant-based material.

“There’s hundreds of millions of dollars in research being spent around the world on trying to come up with plants that can product fish-oil like products, but that’s mega research and takes time to become commercially available,” says Vidal.

Whether you’re a concerned parent looking to provide infant formula that will boost cerebral development, or Baby Boomer age and concerned with staying healthy, or a branded company searching for that sublime source of essential fatty acids for your product, Bioriginal is providing the nutrients we all unequivocally need.

Bioriginal has mastered that enviable balance of meeting consumer needs in a way that will be most helpful. The next time we’re searching the shopping aisles, Bioriginal is one essential source we cannot afford to miss.