BiWay Set to Return

BiWay logo

CBJ — Defunct discount retail chain BiWay is set to make a comeback in 2019 after an 18-year absence.

BiWay had 250 stores across Canada and operated for more than 30 years before shutting down in 2001.

Retail veteran Mal Coven, who helped build the brand, hopes to resurrect the name with a new 7,500 square feet “BiWay $10 Store” scheduled to open in August in Toronto.

Already equipped with tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods and the backing of investors, Coven plans to open four more stores by the end of 2020 although the expected locations have not yet been released.

BiWay was of similar vein to Bargain Harold’s and today’s Dollarama and enjoyed a great deal of success with shoppers, especially in the 1980s.