Bloomberg’s Costly Presidential Run

CBJ — It’s costly running for U.S. President.

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who’s estimated net worth is more than $60 billion, has contributed more than $200 million of his own money in a bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination. The former mayor of New York City made the disclosure through filings with the Federal Election Commission. The file also reveals the campaign has already spent $188 million of that total.

Bloomberg is a late entrant into the leadership race in what will ultimately be a frantic bid to take out Republican President Donald Trump in November.

The most recent polls indicate Joe Biden is the front-runner with Bernie Sanders a close second. However, Bloomberg’s level of support has been rising steadily.

Biden and Bloomberg are both 77. Sanders is 78.  Trump is 73, so the question many have is ‘why are there no relevant younger candidates?’