BMW Grand River

Changing Car Salesman Culture

At BMW Grand River, staff are reinventing what it means to be an automotive salesman. The Grand River team, led by General Manager Jordan Domelle, aim to build honest, caring relationships with every customer looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle.

BMW Grand River opened in April 2012. The beautifully designed new building adopted the experienced staff and well-known customers from the now-closed BMW Waterloo location. The high-tech facility boasts 30,000+ square feet of floor space, consisting of a delivery centre, indoor service drive-through, and 16 service bays. Each vehicle entering the service bay receives optimal service from one of BMW Grand River’s 16 BMW Certified technicians.
The location holds more than 25 premium vehicles within the indoor showroom. The facility is surrounded by an outdoor display area, allowing visitors to view a ride range of BMW products.

As the only BMW dealership within its region, BMW Grand River services a large range of consumers. The dealership sits in Kitchener, Ontario, only a short drive away from the 401. Their strategic location allows the BMW Grand River team to capably service clients from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph. They also offer automotive care to Eastern London and Northern Oakville.

At BMW Grand River, customer interactions are about building relationships, not monopolizing a market. Domelle, previously employed in sales at Parkview BMW in Toronto, knows the influence great customer service can have on business success.

“It’s more of an experience than a product delivery,” Domelle explains, “I’ve had countless customers transfer from Parkview to Grand River in order to keep me as their primary BMW contact. They know who I am, and they know I’ll provide them with the best possible service.”

Sharing a Love of the Automotive Industry

BMW Grand River is part of a larger family-owned dealer group – the Quinn Automotive Group, comprised of BMW Grand River, Parkview BMW, and BMW Toronto. The group’s owners bring several years of automotive experience into their business.

This love of car culture is shared by Domelle. Jordan is presently the only non-Quinn partner within the dealer group.

“I grew up absolutely loving cars,” Domelle explains, “It’s really fascinating for me to be in an industry doing what I love. It’s a dream come true!”

“The opportunity to be around cars all day – and be involved in every aspect of the dealership – is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t matter which step of the sales and service process I’m in. From product display to delivery, I love every part of it.”

The BMW Grand River sales team currently consists of six new-car sales advisors and two pre-owned vehicle sales advisors. The company employs over 60 people, both men and women of varying ages. Two members of BMW Grand River’s sales advisors hold the honor of ‘Sales Masters’, an award given to automotive agents operating within the top 10% of national sales.

“We have a great recipe for success,” explains Domelle, “We have the right people and processes. Once we all sprinkle in some honest, hard work, we will become unstoppable.”

A Vehicle for Any Buyer

“BMW’s have grown into much more competitive products. They’ve become the number one luxury brand in Canada,” says Domelle, “Ownership has become much more attainable.”

BMW Grand River offers a variety of vehicles at different price points. Different payment methods are available to meet almost anyone’s financial status. Cars start in the low $30,000 range, with payments as low as $400 a month. The BMW Grand River location sells about 600 new and 250 pre-owned vehicles annually.

But, as Domelle explains, BMW Grand River’s key differential factor lies in their commitment to customer care; “We have a very unique relationship with our customers and we know all of our customers by name. That personal touch really drives our business.”


Cars aren’t the only things a consumer can find at BMW Grand River. The display areas offer a wide array of BMW merchandise, performance accessories, and a full Parts Department. From T-Shirts to windshield wipers, children’s toys to antifreeze, BMW Grand River has almost every accessory to fit a car-owner’s needs.

BMW Grand River also offers many auxiliary services that can be added to a vehicle purchase. Customers can receive cosmetic alterations to the body of the car, or add in a more functional feature such as a bike rack. The dealership also offers ‘spa services’ for personal vehicles, allowing customers to receive a full four-hour automobile detail while continuing their daily activities with a loaner car.

Big Plans for the Future

Staying true to their motto, ‘Service Beyond your Expectations,’ BMW Grand River expects to continue to grow through offering exemplary customer service to all visitors. Domelle has taken a personal interest in appropriately marketing the dealership within the local area.

“Since I moved to BMW Grand River in September, 2013, I’ve taken a large role in our marketing and advertising.  We’re being more selective in where we choose to advertise, and what kind of image we’re perpetuating,” says Domelle.

To date, Domelle has participated in several sales and information conventions, personally reaching out to his customer base. He has also recorded personal radio ads, regularly played on local radio stations.

“I’m always learning,” explains Domelle, “I try to gain as much knowledge as I can about our customers in order for my team to provide the best possible service.”