Boeing 787 Dreamliner Concerns

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

CBJ — Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is the focus of an investigation by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration amid concerns there could be manufacturing flaws.

Several airlines using Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners removed eight jets from service last month as a result of two distinct manufacturing issues in fuselage sections.

Now there is concern the problem may be widespread and as such the FAA could require inspections covering hundreds of 787 jetliners after production issues at one Boeing plant.

“The agency continues to engage with Boeing,” the FAA said in a media release. “It is too early to speculate about the nature or extent of any proposed Airworthiness Directives that might arise from the agency’s investigation.”

Boeing said some airplanes have shims that are not the proper size, and some airplanes have areas that do not meet skin flatness specifications.


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