BoostP Achieves 40,000 Members in Less Than One Month

WESTON, Fla., Dec. 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arbit Media Group a global mobile advertising company, today reached a significant milestone when it passed 40 thousand members on BoostP. The company achieved this milestone in just three weeks time. BoostP makes it easy for people to earn money and communicate with followers through mobile web messaging.
Members simply sign on using their mobile phone number, build a profile, and start earning dollars while they message with their followers.BoostP measures and compensates members by deriving a value based on in app activity. We also strive to create an arena where advertisers and members come together to provide the most precise, accurate, timely, and relevant data that pertain to each individual member.Arbit Media Group is in the process of finalizing an investment round with Nevis Capital Corp (OTC:OCEE).About Arbit Media GroupArbit Media Group is a Marketing and Digital Advertising company that explores ways to engage with audiences in the digital world. We focus on developing tools that allow our members to monetize their everyday digital activities.About Nevis Capital Corp (OTC:OCEE)Nevis Capital Corporation is a diversified investment holding company currently expanding activities into different arenas around the globe through acquisitions and investment to maximize shareholders value. 
Brian Fowler