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Booth Centennial

Innovative and environmental health care linen services

One of North America’s leading health care linen and sterilization companies is located in Mississauga, Ont., pioneering in surgical solutions, long-term care and acute care laundry services and environmentally sound sterilization practises.

Booth Centennial Healthcare Linen Services (BCHLS) is one of the largest single-site health-care laundry facilities in North America, serving member hospitals across the Greater Toronto Area with acute care, long-term care and and operating room linen for over 40 years. With a proven track record for innovative linen, logistics and sterilization solutions through research and development, Booth’s quality reliable linen services are used every day by patients and health care providers alike in long-term care facilities and hospitals—people whose comfort and health is paramount during their time of convalescence.

That is why BCHLS is committed to providing the “best” hospital linens, sourced the world over. Booth understands that its products such as terry towels, cotton sheets, thermal blankets and high absorbency incontinent products will make the difference in the day of a patient, and the company takes pride in providing them with only the very best.

“Booth Centennial listens to its customers in several important ways,” says Joe Grummel, General Manager. “We believe that by listening and responding, we are able to constantly maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction, and we have a foundation based on quality.”

In order to maintain that priority on quality, BCHLS regularly hosts user-committee meetings and focus groups which aim to improve, redesign, and continuously evolve its product line, “so that our members and customers stay actively concerned in our business, which is their business,” says Grummel.

Green products for improved patient care

Booth Centennial’s Surgical Solutions department recently launched a state-of-the-art new product line called the Complete Delivery Hybrid System (CDHS), a combination of disposables and reusable operating room products that are sterilized and delivered to the operating room (OR) in a just-in-time application to the hospitals.

“There is heightened concern to reduce bio-hazardous waste within the hospital setting, not only helping green the environment, but reducing expensive disposal costs,” says Maria Ash in The OR Connection. “OR budgets can be helped immensely as, in many cases a reusable item simply has a lower unit cost than a disposable item.

“It gives the end-user the opportunity to decide what is better suited, a disposable or reusable product that will make the procedure a little bit more suited for the patient,” says Grummel. “It offers hospitals thousands of dollars in savings, plus gives them the ability to turn over their OR arena much quicker. It’s the next step in health-care efficiency.”

The addition of the reusable component to Booth’s CDHS has proven to greatly reduce its impact on the environment and has lowered hospitals cleaning budgets dramatically.

Green Healthcare Award for Energy Efficiency

So successful has this program been, the Ontario Hospital Association and the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare recently awarded BCHLS with the Green Healthcare Award for Energy Efficiency.

“The establishment of the BCHLS Green team was vital in significantly improving energy efficiencies, reducing its environmental footprint and energy costs,” said David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto. “Global warming is the single biggest challenge facing our planet and I am delighted that organizations like BCHLS are joining the City of Toronto in the fight against climate change.”

In mid-October, BCHLS established its own Green Award to contribute towards and to foster further innovation in the health-care industry. Called the BCHLS Green Award, it is the first of its kind to award hospitals dedicated to going green and using reusable textiles in the OR.

“This acknowledges five of our member hospitals—Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto East General, and Scarborough General Hospital among them—who have improved their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of disposables, demonstrating more concern for reusable products.

“Because of our commitment to the health-care industry we always focus on energy efficiencies, we have dropped our energy consumption in the last three years by over 30 per cent, a lot of it in the hydro and water application,” says Grummel.

BCHLS also makes time to contribute to health-care campaigns, most recently working with the Canadian Breast Cancer Awareness. “We have a pink disposable laundry bag, that through the awareness month we change our bags to pink for the end user. There is a commitment in dollars based on usage that goes back to the campaign.”

On top of new products and community involvement, BCHLS produces close to 80 million pounds of linen a year, which all goes toward the quality of life of the end user. “Laundry is our commodity but our focus is on customer service, and our customers are Ontario’s health-care system.

This compass keeps BCHLS on track as it continues to develop systems and products for ameliorated patient care in 2012 and beyond.