Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Career Agent of Choice

Today, the Internet is an integral part of our lives and its disruptive nature has drastically changed how companies conduct business. It’s often seen in a positive light – it connects people from all over the world and provides companies with the ability to save money and function more efficiently. At the same time, by making potential employees widely available and interchangeable, the internet has turned the human labour force into a commodity. Brett Lawrie, COO of Brainhunter Systems Ltd., says this trend is prevalent in the staffing industry. But Brainhunter is setting itself apart from its competitors by building strong relationships with its consultants, and being their career agent of choice, while providing clients with the best professional talent for their needs.

“I want to change that perspective of the staffing agency and make Brainhunter the go-to company where a contractor and his or her colleagues will say, ‘I want to work for you because you actually treat me like a person and care. I know I submit a time card and get paid on time – that’s all great, any company can do that – but what really makes a difference is that someone reaches out to me, and says hi how’s it going? Is the contract going ok? Happy Birthday. How’s the family?’” Lawrie says. “Those little touch points and that kind of service has really been stripped out of the marketplace in the last decade, because of the commoditization of the service.”


Brainhunter has over 20 years of expertise providing professional information technology (IT) and engineering services, staffing, recruitment, payroll management, and software and solutions in Canada and the United States within various industry verticals and government sectors.

Its software and staffing services bring together software engineers and subject matter experts from around the world. The company carefully selects professionals that create the best fit for specialized projects, while providing the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time. “Finding the right talent for the client’s requirement at precisely the right time,” Lawrie says.

Brainhunter clients include small-and medium-sized to Fortune 1,000 companies in a variety of sectors including banking and finance, insurance, oil and gas, software and hardware, retail, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, engineering, manufacturing and government. It has offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, as well as several cities in the U.S.

Professional Staffing

As a leading provider of IT, Engineering, and Professional Staffing Services and Solutions, Brainhunter has delivery capability throughout North America. Its goal is to know the people they represent, to understand the specific needs of their clients and consultants in order to connect them in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Brainhunter has access to a network of professionals and an automated database of pre-screened, accredited and available consultants, which make finding the ideal professional for a project fast and accurate. Its consultants go through a robust screening process at which time they are interviewed and validated through reference checks. The company also offers security checking and technical testing. It provides a single IT consultant, an entire project team, as well as contract or permanent staffing.

Brainhunter also offers engineering and government staffing. This includes professionals from a wide range of industries, such as automotive, commercial, construction, oil and gas, etc.

TalentFlow® – Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The widely used TalentFlow® is the company’s Applicant Tracking System. With TalentFlow® ATS, clients can design job descriptions and post them to a professional career website that is fully integrated with their existing website. One of the great benefits is that companies are able to publish job positions to multiple sites and social media, including, Brainhunter, Monster, Indeed, and Facebook. It allows clients to sort and score resumes based on their requirements, as well as schedule appointments, and manage a database of applicants for future reference.

In addition, TalentFlow® BackOffice manages consultant payroll and benefits by sending an invoice to the client. It is supported by reporting, and regulatory compliance. TalentFlow® BackOffice is designed to improve administrative duties, such as staffing services, operations, and payroll management, according to the company site.

Why Brainhunter?

Brainhunter’s managed services software, such as TalentFlow®, help clients save money and increase productivity, resulting in greater competitive advantages. Clients gain greater efficiencies, including lower expenses for research and development, and infrastructure and distribution.

In addition, Brainhunter’s services help companies reduce risks related to running an efficient, effective, and reliable group with appropriate technology choices, adequate training and timely maintenance. It controls costs because it allows capital for investment to be used in other areas and revenue-producing activities, offsets large infrastructure expenditures, saves on expensive software, technology and training costs.


The company has big plans for expansion. Lawrie says Brainhunter is looking to double its footprint in the marketplace within the next 18 to 24 months. “We’ve been aggressive in the marketplace when hiring new skilled recruiters and sales people, and working aggressively to become the major player within our industry.”

Brainhunter is growing at a steady pace. “We continue to develop our own internal products and take advantage of the marketplace wherever we can. Staffing is a going concern and we’re very closely tied to the economy,” he says. “So we will continue to develop some of our tools and technologies like HireFlow® and TalentFlow®. Within five years our goals are to be the top 100 fastest growing company in Canada and the 100 best places to work.”

Lawrie says ultimately the company places a high level of importance on integrity and building strong relationships with its clients and consultants. “We want to be the trusted advisor to our clients and to our consultants. We view our consultant base, to be as important as the actual client that pays the invoice,” he explains. “We put a lot of time and effort into those relationships, and really being the career agent for our skilled consultants.”