Brazil’S Egg Industry Exposed in Shocking Undercover Investigation Revealing Horrific Animal Cruelty

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL–(Marketwired – May 04, 2017) – Animal Equality has released the first-ever investigation into Brazil’s egg industry, revealing disturbing animal abuse inside the country’s egg factory farms that cage hens. The hidden-camera footage, captured at Yabuta, one of Brazil’s top egg suppliers, revealed:

  • Rows and rows of filthy, feces-covered cages stuffed with panicked birds
  • Hens crammed in cages so small the birds can’t even extend their wings
  • Birds’ with sore, cracked and deformed feet from standing solely on the wire floor
  • Birds’ fragile wings caught in the cage wire as they compete for space
  • Dead hens left to decompose alongside birds still laying eggs for Brazilian consumers

>>> Video of Brazil’s egg factory farms that cage hens
>>> Photos of Brazil’s egg factory farms that cage hens

“Stuffing birds in cages is an archaic and abusive practice,” said Vivian Mocellin, Animal Equality’s Corporate Outreach Manager in Brazil. “Studies have shown that birds are social and sensitive creatures with intelligence on par with a toddler. Yet they are forced to live crammed in a cage with no room to walk, perch, dust-bathe, extend their wings, or engage in any natural behaviors.”

She added: “Birds are subjected to these harsh conditions for an unbelievable two years before they are slaughtered. This cruelty is clearly out of step with the values of Brazil’s citizens.”

While Brazil is still reeling from the scandal involving meat industry giants JBS and BRF, this investigation proves that the egg industry is no better — animal cruelty and food safety risks abound. Studies show rates of salmonella and other foodborne illnesses are higher in cage systems.

The investigation represents typical conditions at Brazil’s egg factory farms that utilize cages, a confinement system so outdated and cruel that more than 400 food companies worldwide, including, McDonald’s, Habib’s, and Giraffa’s in Brazil, have committed to eliminating them. These commitments are a direct response to consumer demand for better treatment of animals in the food system.

Animal Equality is currently campaigning to get Grupo Pão de Açúcar, the largest retailer in Brazil to establish a public commitment to banning cages for all their brands and affiliates, with a clear deadline for implementation. Grupo Pão de Açúcar recently released a cage-free egg policy, but it is substandard in that it only extends to its private label, whereas the policies established by all other companies cover all brands. Animal Equality is urging the company to adjust the policy so it is in line with the other 400 food companies that have pledged to source 100 percent cage-free eggs for all brands.

Consumers can support the effort by signing Animal Equality’s petition for Grupo Pão de Açúcar here.

“It’s time for Grupo Pão de Açúcar and others to see the writing on the wall. Any company which delays this decision will soon find itself at a competitive disadvantage as now, more than ever, consumers care about how animals are raised for food.”

For more information or interviews, contact Animal Equality’s press office at +55 (0) 11 98360-2159.

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