Bridgepoint Health

Campus of Wellness

Bridgepoint Health Campus, a leading Canadian health-care facility in the treatment of complex chronic disease and disability, as well as rehabilitation, will offer increased extensive research and technology unveiled within its new health centre.

The Toronto-based hospital has plans for a new, modern facility that will improve the hospital’s ability to provide the best in patient care and treatment.

A new 10-storey facility, offering more than 680,000 square feet in added space, will bring about 470 additional patient beds to the hospital. The construction phase of the project, and the facility once completed, will also create more than 600 new jobs at Bridgepoint Health.

Comprehensive redevelopment

The overall project goal is to replace the “current congested and aging facility” with the new Bridgepoint Health hospital.

The Bridgepoint Health Campus website details the project as a “convergence of excellence in design, technology, clinical expertise, research and teaching. Our new hospital will support Bridgepoint’s unique approach to patient care by helping people to live with their conditions, with as much independence as possible.”

Increased technology use and availability, in addition to on-campus research and innovation, in the renovated facilities at Bridgepoint Health will improve its focus on complex chronic disease management and prevention, implementing improved care management and preventative care for Bridgepoint Health patients.

Construction of the new facility began in 2009. Many project phases have already been completed and the official tape-cutting date remains a little more than one year away, in 2013.

Green hospital

Building with both the future and the environment in mind, the new facility is completely state-of-the-art, offering innovative health solutions for Bridgepoint Health patients.

Bridgepoint Health has pitched its green initiative with the project, on pace to meet Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The new facility meets six criteria of LEED, including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environment quality, and innovation and design process.

Among these energy usage reduction targets, Bridgepoint Health will strive to reduce its potable water usage by 30 per cent in the new facility, possible through the use of installed water-efficient plumbing fixtures. Bridgepoint Health also aims to reduce its overall energy consumption level by 30 per cent as well, which will result in much less usage compared to a standard hospital design.

Don Jail restoration

The renovation at Bridgepoint Health also incorporates the revitalization of the adjacent Don Jail, which was closed in 1977. Included in the new design for Bridgepoint Health, the remodelled Don Jail will serve as administrative and support offices for the health centre.

The ground level of the Don Jail will also feature public galleries. The Don Jail rotunda will be restored to its original architectural look, linking to the new health centre by a new glass bridge. Additionally, the glass floor within the Don Jail, previous covered over, will be renewed, as with the skylight, offering the restored facility plenty of natural light sources.

George Smitherman, former Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for Ontario, said in 2009, “The Bridgepoint Health project demonstrates our government’s commitment to invest in Ontario’s health-care infrastructure to build stronger and healthier communities. This redevelopment will create a modern, state-of-the-art hospital and provide many jobs throughout the Greater Toronto Area.”

Marian Walsh, President and CEO of Bridgepoint Health, believes the facilities offer a “symbol of ambition” to change the world for those living with complex chronic disease, the No. 1 health-care challenge of the 21st century. “With a much-needed facility, we will bring together top research, education, and clinical talent in search of new ways of preventing and managing complex chronic disease.

“We are thrilled to have reached this important milestone in our construction. We will [soon] be moving into our new building, realizing a dream that started 10 years ago. This new facility will help us advance our groundbreaking work in research, education and care for people living with complex chronic illness.”

As a whole, the new facility for Bridgepoint Health will offer increased access and care to those most in need. It is a ‘campus of care’ for treating individuals with multiple complex chronic diseases, offering integrated patient care, research, and teaching. Patients will have more available living space, therapy and patient lounges, increased ambulatory space, community programming, and modern therapy areas on each floor of the facility, and more. Indeed, the future remains bright for Bridgepoint Health.