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The Labourer’s International Union
of North America (LiUNA) is by
far the fastest growing union of
construction, waste management,
show service and healthcare workers
throughout all of Canada. With
origins dating back to 1903, LiUNA
is a progressive organization whose
continued success throughout the
many decades can be attributed
to its innovative, upwardly mobile,
intelligently aggressive business
philosophies. It’s a core vision that
is continuously championed by its
executive leadership and embraced
by its 550,000 thousand workers
across North America.
headquarters in
Washington, D.C., LiUNA is divided into nine
major regions across North America. These
regions are further subdivided into a total of
just over 500 local unions. Joseph S. Mancinelli
is International Vice President and Regional
Manager for Central & Eastern Canada. As leader
of such a colossal region, he is the face and the
voice for about 80,000 workers.
Under the umbrella of Mancinelli’s leadership
are 14 Ontario Locals, two in Quebec and five in
the Atlantic provinces. LiUNA has had immense
growth in virtually all nine regions and is respon-
sible for building hospitals and medical facilities,
correctional centres, office buildings, roads, bridges
and so much more. If you see a construction
worker at a job site, there’s a very high probability
that you are looking at a LiUNA employee.
“The organization is growing by leaps and
bounds right across the country,” Mancinelli tells
The Canadian Business Journal
during an inter-
view from his downtown Hamilton office. “We’re
doing extremely well in Alberta, which is not a
surprise because of the oilsands and all of the
construction going on.”
In the Pacific time zone, British Columbia is
faring well, but in the central part of the country,
Ontario has now at the point where it’s bursting
at the seams with opportunity. In fact, the larg-
est Local in all of North America is in the Greater
Toronto Area, with about 40,000 members and
there are another 8,000 members in another
Local. This is a vast region that runs from
Burlington in the west all the way to Cobourg in
the east and up to Barrie in the north, giving the
entire jurisdiction 48,000 members.
The GTA is such a powerful, vivacious eco-
nomic engine; there is so much in the way of
construction projects – roads, bridges, office
“The organization is
growing by leaps and
bounds right across the
– Joseph S. Mancinelli, International
Vice President and Regional Manager,
Central & Eastern Canada
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