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amounts to a dome-like scenario in order to
allow work to continue between the months of
December and March, including concrete pours.
It costs millions to cover the work area, but it
actually will save money in the long run and is
viewed as wise fiscal planning.
When there was an explosion of work in
Alberta, many of LiUNA’s east coast members
headed west, and although it was an opportunity
to make substantial money, people were leav-
ing their families behind. Now, with so many
big projects happening in the east, a lot of those
individuals have been re-transplanted back into
their homestead.
Evolution at LiUNA
During his 36 years with LiUNA, Mancinelli has
been a direct witness to the union’s noticeable
positive evolution. As previously mentioned,
there are about 80,000 workers within his juris-
diction and 110,000 in all of Canada with more
than half a million throughout North America.
“LiUNA is a very different union and I think
Mancinelli splits his time between his Hamilton office and the new LiUNA office in Oakville, pictured.
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