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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
Supporting Professional
Part of the support OECTA provides is through
its Professional Development (PD) department,
which works to support members in their ongo-
ing pursuit of professional learning. And that
runs the gamut – from creating and distributing
support documents to holding conferences to
offering courses.
“OECTA prepares teachers for their entire
journey,” says Susan Perry, who heads up the
Professional Development department. “We
are always there to support them. They identify
needs and then we create professional develop-
ment opportunities for them.”
One of the important ways OECTA helps
teachers who are starting out is through a
Beginning Teachers conference, which is held
annually for occasional and permanent teachers
in their first five years of the profession. OECTA
also offers a Leadership Training program, which
exists to help turn already engaged members
into stronger teacher activists.
Mike Colle, MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence,
who was a member of OECTA for 18 years, says
OECTA “gives teachers a professional career
focus that allows them to understand larger
macro-educational issues.”
Colle, who was a history teacher at Michael
Power-St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in
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