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APRIL 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
support, collegiality and professional pride.
In addition to teaching the teachers, the
PD department also works toward empowering
teachers to use their professional judgement in
things like diagnostic assessment, and assess-
ment and evaluation in reporting to parents.
“The teachers get to set their own param-
eters and make their own decisions – and that is
very empowering,” says Perry. “We give people a
safe place to try things out and take risks.”
That empowerment translates into what
is always top on the minds of those on the PD
team: the students.
“Everything we do translates into members
becoming better teachers,” says Perry, “which
translates into students understanding more
about the current initiatives and contexts in
today’s society.”
Upholding Catholic
Part of the way OECTA enhances student
achievement is through the Catholic system’s
holistic approach to education, which sets it
apart from other publicly funded school systems.
Catholic schools have been an integral and suc-
cessful part of the success of Ontario’s education
system for 170+ years, and OECTA has a respon-
sibility to see it into the future.
“Every OECTA member is a religious edu-
cation teacher,” says Ryan. “Our faith isn’t just
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