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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
limited to religion classes – it is taught in math,
in special education, in guidance. We view every-
thing through the Catholic lens.”
Ryan notes that the association provides
religious education to its membership though
its AQ courses, in association with the Ontario
Catholic School Trustees’ Association and the
Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario
“We help provide all of our members with
a foundation in religion, which all teachers are
required to teach, no matter what subject area or
what grade level they are teaching – and fur-
ther optional education for those who want to
deepen their faith and understanding,” says Ryan.
OECTA also holds a biennial “Educating for
the Common Good” conference, which gives
members the necessary tools to infuse Catholicism
and social justice into school curriculum.
“We are part of the communion that is the
Catholic Church,” says Ryan. “We believe that our
work as an association is our ministry. We do that
service by serving each other and by serving the
greater good.”
Focusing on the
Greater Good
OECTA is focused on infusing social justice
values into its teachers. For when advocacy
flourishes within the teaching profession, the
impact is widespread.
“It’s what Catholic education is all about,”
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