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APRIL 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
says Ann Hawkins, first vice-president, and presi-
dent elect. “It goes beyond the basics. It speaks
to values. It speaks to why we need to care, why
our actions have repercussions – not just for
your neighbour but for someone halfway around
the world.”
Hawkins says this component of the union
goes hand in hand with the collective bar-
gaining side.
“The collective agreement takes care of
one side of the teacher, but we also as a union
need to address the other aspects,” she says.
“We need to ensure teachers have the skills
and the tools to be the best teachers that they
can be. But we also need to make sure we sup-
port their spiritual needs.”
OECTA encourages members to be engaged
in the fight for unions and the common good. “If
we can keep our members engaged and active
in terms of the democratic process, then they
can carry that through to their students. When
teachers take to the classroom the importance
of democratic engagement and involvement, it
goes beyond a civics lesson,” says Fullerton.
To this end, OECTA played an instrumental
role in helping to launch “Student Vote,” a par-
allel election for students under the voting age
that coincides with official election periods. The
purpose is to provide young Canadians with an
opportunity to experience the democratic pro-
cess and practice the habits of informed and
engaged citizenship.
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