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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
OECTA also initiated a campaign called
“When You Speak for Children.” The belief behind
it is that prioritizing the needs of children must
be central to government decision-making and
that Ontario’s economy will flourish when we
graduate informed, engaged and caring citizens.
“The objective of every single teacher is
not just that their students get an ‘A’ on their
tests – the objective is that they are adjusted,
that they reach their potential, that they will
be active participants in the democracy when
they get older,” says Victoria Hunt, who heads
OECTA’s Government Relations Department.
“What a waste when we don’t get our students
to reach their full potential. The economy suf-
fers. Society suffers. And I think every teacher
understands that.”
Beyond the Classroom
The quest for international economic justice,
development and peace and the rights of all
workers is an ongoing focus of OECTA.
“Because we are a Catholic union, we believe
that we have a calling to care about the common
good,” says Ryan. “We believe that we are called
upon to make the world a better place, to bet-
ter the condition of all of our sisters and brothers
whether inside or outside of Canada.”
But this isn’t something that OECTA merely
imposes on its members. “This is something
which has come from our membership,” says
“Ryan. “The executive didn’t just decide to go off
and do this on its own.”
That is why each year $300,000 of members’
dues go to OECTA’s Educational Aid Committee,
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