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APRIL 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
“that there are no boundaries, that teachers are
expanding their horizons. They are not just look-
ing at their own school community – they are
looking beyond that.” He believes it sets a great
example for students “to know that their school
is a much bigger place than just the boundaries
that surround their schools.”
Moving Forward
While OECTA will be busy in the months to
come, negotiating a new collective agreement
and continuing its professional development
and advocacy work, Ryan will be winding down
in his role as president at the end of June.
He will likely return to the classroom,
and he will pass the presidential torch to Ann
Hawkins. But he will still be involved in union
matters, and he leaves office pleased with the
work he and others have accomplished.
“I’ve learned that the union can actually
make the classrooms in the province better
places to teach and better learning environ-
ments for students,” he says, adding that during
his career he’s seen teacher preparation time
double, class sizes decrease and the qualifica-
tions of members improve.
So, while Ryan won’t be the one to rouse the
AGM delegates in 2016, he says he is proud of his
union and what it has accomplished over the years.
“I know that our classrooms are better
places, that our teachers have never had more
rights than they do today, and that we have
been part of ensuring that this province and this
country are better places for those who are less
advantaged than us.”
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