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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’
Association’s commitment to teacher
empowerment, social justice and
lifelong learning makes it an intrinsic
part of the province’s social fabric.
Saturday morning in March, at
the time of day most business leaders reserve
for coffee and a newspaper, James Ryan, presi-
dent of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’
Association (OECTA), is standing before a crowd
of approximately 700 teachers.
His voice is strong and his deportment
earnest as he addresses those gathered for the
annual general meeting (AGM) of OECTA, the
union representing the almost 50,000 people
who teach in Ontario’s publicly funded English
Catholic schools.
At this particular moment, he is expound-
ing upon something that is top of mind for the
AGM delegates: a new collective agreement
for teachers proposed by the employer side
at the bargaining table (the provincial govern-
ment and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’
Association). Those in attendance are eager to
find out what’s at stake.
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