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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
Step by step, Ryan clarifies which of the
hard earned rights teachers could see stripped
away. He asks for their support. He solicits their
engagement. And he stresses the importance of
solidarity, wrapping up his speech with: “We are
all OECTA. We must stand together.”
Applause erupts, flags wave, people stand
and clap – and an unmistakable feeling of unity
fills what only moments before felt like a very
large room.
It’s a noteworthy kick-off to three days of the
AGM, which plays out as democracy at its best:
new officers are elected; resolutions are passed;
and educational and political issues are debated
(sometimes fiercely). But since OECTA’s activities
are guided by its members, who are represented
by the many voting delegates at this yearly meet-
ing, this is definitely the place to get things done.
“I’ve been involved in this union long enough
to have seen complaints turn into ideas, which
turn into bargaining proposals, and then into
actual working conditions for teachers,” says
Ryan, who is serving his second two-year term as
president (he also served from 2009 to 2011).
Ryan has long been involved with OECTA:
as a teacher for 19 years, as a member of sev-
eral provincial committees, and as a full-time
first vice-president and president at OECTA’s
Toronto-based provincial office.
He’s a man with an intense interest in social
About OTIP
At OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan) we believe in putting teachers first. Teachers are our reason
for being, and helping to protect the things you care about is what gets us out of bed in the morning.
OECTA members have access to OTIP’s full range of group and individual insurance products
that all share one thing in common; they were created to specifically address and satisfy the
unique needs of our members.
We don’t have a profit motive; we have a ‘putting teachers first’ motive. In other words, we aren’t
in the business of making money to pay shareholders. All profits remain in OTIP to help fund value-
added services like CAREpath, a specialized cancer assistance program, and FeelingBetterNow, an
anonymous, web-based mental health care program, at no additional cost to you.
When it comes to personal insurance, we give members options because that’s what
insurance brokers do. We work with insurance providers to offer members choice and
professional, unbiased advice. Whether it’s auto, home, retiree or life insurance, the best interests
of our members are always top of mind.
We believe that insurance built around our members is the best insurance of all. And that will
always be true.
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