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Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association
justice, labour rights and spiritual matters, mak-
ing him a natural fit for his job. And his interests
are shared by the vast majority of OECTA
members and staff. Everyone works toward a
common set of goals: promoting the profes-
sional and contractual welfare of members;
upholding the principles of Catholic education;
and engaging members to work towards the
common good.
Protecting the Contract
When people hear the word “union” they often
think of negotiations and contracts. And rightly
so; collective bargaining for members’ rights
and welfare has been at the heart of OECTA
since it was established in 1944.
OECTA’s Collective Bargaining team works to
negotiate members’ collective agreements, and
ensure the government and school boards respect
those agreements. The Bargaining and Contract
Services department also deals with member
grievances and ensures employers respect and
implement the provisions of the agreement that
govern members’ salary, benefits and working con-
ditions. And its Counselling and Member Services
department ensures members benefit from the
protection to which they are entitled under the law.
All of these services are crucial to protect-
ing the rights of members. And they make
OECTA a great facilitator in enhancing the
vitality and effectiveness of Ontario’s Catholic
elementary and secondary schools.
But what many people don’t consider when
they think “union” is the other side of the equa-
tion: the work OECTA does for the greater good
– through professional development and work-
ing to better both the educational system and
society at large.
“In addition to working to provide for and
ensure that our members’ financial needs are taken
care of adequately and appropriately, we offer
teachers a range of opportunities to get involved
and make a contribution on a level outside of their
classrooms,” says Cheryl Fullerton, a staff officer in
OECTA’s Government Relations department. “Not
every profession or every type of employee gets
that type of support – the support that allows them
to grow and learn and be all they can be.”
James Ryan
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