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Ag in Motion
Canada indicate the average age of farmers is
increasing, he reveals there is a notable flaw in
those reporting numbers.
“As farms get larger there are more fam-
ily members who take part and that may still be
the owner of the property but it’s the sons and
daughters who are now really managing that
farm,” he says. “We’re seeing a lot more younger
people come to these shows than probably we
ever have in the past. Agriculture in Canada has
been quite good the past five or six years so I
think there is actually some good profits being
made, and that attracts people to a profession
too. It bodes well for attracting people to the
industry and that’s what is happening right now.”
O’Connor and his team have already had
meetings with companies and received emails,
Facebook messages and phone calls from inter-
ested parties who have already made it known
that they want to either be part of the show in
year two or expand the amount of space they
had reserved for this year’s event.
“We have had a number of conversations
with the exhibitors during the show and even as
it was wrapping up we continued to get immense
positive support for what we had done. I think
we will expand the show so what we’ll need to
decide is what areas to expand in and focus on
first. I do believe that we’ll probably see a bit
more of a dairy segment and beef cattle segment
to the show in 2016,” he states.
Based on initial reaction, there is no doubt
that many of the companies that were there
this year on the grain, crop and equipment sides
will be looking at increasing their booth space
areas in addition to more companies coming
onboard next year as well. New programs coming
onboard will likely need to be set by the first part
of October. Depending on what those programs
entail, it could mean a different setup for the land.
“Our demonstration program this year was
based on how the property has been used in pre-
vious years. If we want to have different types of
demonstrations then we would obviously have
to farm the property a bit differently so that the
equipment we want to demonstrate is actually
working the crop that it’s intended for. Some
crops may have to be planted this fall so they
can sprout in the spring and grow to be big and
healthy by this time next year,” O’Connor says.
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