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The Canadian Business Journal
As the event matures, O’Connor would like
to see Ag in Motion make more effective use of
the 320 acres at their disposal. In addition to the
trade show, he would nothing better than to see
the property used on a consistent basis to allow
the industry showcase itself on a more individual
basis throughout the year.
“We’re inviting companies, even now, to
come back to the property and use it as a
demonstration place for whatever piece of
equipment they want to demonstrate and what-
ever crop they want to demonstrate,” he says.
“We’ve asked companies to consider coming
back and showing farmers how those crop-plots
have continued to grow after the show and how
they can be harvested.”
The hope is that the companies bring in their
dealers, distributors or farmers and can imple-
ment training sessions with staff.
“We really do hope that companies will take
us up on that offer and then we can become
more of an Agriculture Centre of Excellence for
Western Canada throughout the entire year and
not just for three days.”
Ag in Motion has staff members who are part
of the Glacier Farm Media Program, so there are
people who came from Ontario, Manitoba and
Alberta and they all unified wonderfully as one
team, which really helped to make the show a
huge success. Pulling off a trade show of this
magnitude required excellent execution by
staff, but also the town’s many volunteers, who
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