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The Canadian Business Journal
graciously offered their time and services for
the event. The response O’Connor and his team
received left them in amazement thanks to the
outpouring of local support.
“Between the volunteers and the staff it’s a
really unique, special thing that happened here
and to do it in rural Saskatchewan makes it that
much more impressive,” O’Connor says. “These
volunteers were people we didn’t even know
a few weeks ago. They reached out and asked
what they could do to help and they were from
14 years old all the way to retirement age. They
were always smiling and happy. You could tell
they were proud that we had chosen their loca-
tion to host the show.”
After a hugely successful inaugural event,
O’Connor and his team have already begun
preparations for Ag in Motion’s second trade
show in 2016, which will no doubt get bigger
and better each year.
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