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Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal
The Grands Prix Cyclistes races are
set to take place this September
in two cities in Québec: Québec
City and Montréal. These are the
only North American stops on the
UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale)
WorldTour, which promotes the
globalization of élite cycling. The
Québec City racie will take place
on Friday, September 11, and the
Montréal race will happen on
Sunday, September 13. These two
races, both free for the public to
come and watch, are part of an
international 26-race calendar.
known as the Grands
Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal, have
occurred annually during the second week of
September since 2010. The events began when
Serge Arseneault, President of the Grands Prix
Cyclistes, realized that the only way to have con-
sistent annual events long-term in Québec was
to own their own sporting events. Arseneault,
who is passionate about sports and has extensive
experience as a sports promoter and com-
mentator, approached contacts in the UCI and
requested a stop in Québec. The WorldTour rep-
resented the highest level of cycling events in the
world, and Arseneault sought to bring that tour
right into our Canadian backyard.
Photo Credit: James Startt, Québec City
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