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The Canadian Business Journal
repeat 16 times in Québec and 17 times in
Montréal. Which riders attend depends on the
type of terrain.
“We’ve got some riders, their specialty is
sprinting. Others specialize as climbers. Here in
Montréal and Québec City, you need to have a
good mix between climbers and punchers who
can both endure a long race and climb hills.
Once they climb the hills 17 times in Montréal,
they’ve gone over 3,900 metres high. It’s the
same as an alpine stage at the Tour de France,”
Leblanc adds.
Changing old attitudes
about professional cycling
When first given the opportunity to host the
WorldTour in Québec in 2010, Leblanc real-
ized the importance of making a good first
impression in order to shift tired outlooks in
professional cycling.
“There’s still an old mentality in cycling.
A lot of people still think that cycling should
stay in Europe and it’s going to be hard for
the cyclists to travel with jetlag. So at the
beginning, I told myself and my team that the
Photo Credit:Patrick Beaudry, Montréal
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