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Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal
thing we need first—because we won’t get a
second chance to make a good impression—is
to put everything together to make sure that
the riders are in the best environment possible
to race. That way, all they need to worry about
is the race,”Leblanc explains.
The Grands Prix Cyclistes decided to part-
ner with Air Transat, and chartered a plane from
Paris to Québec City before the race, and from
Montréal to Paris one week later. From the plane,
riders had all their equipment moved into a hotel.
Travelling together, staying at the same place and
sharing meals together ensured that all riders
received the same excellent treatment.
“It’s pretty unique, because these riders are
with each other all year round on the race track,
but they don’t travel together or stay at the same
hotel. In Europe, all of the teams have RVs or
trailers. It’s easy to travel from France to Belgium
to Germany. It’s never very far,” Leblanc says.
The riders were happy with the Grands Prix
Cyclistes’ professional treatment, and the events
went on to become the first of many more. As
riders are able to select in which races they want
Photo Credit: Johany Jutras, Québec City
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