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Steeped Tea
Steeped Tea was founded in 2006 by
Tonia Jahshan, after she discovered
her passion for the superior quality
of loose leaf tea. Almost 10 years
later, the Hamilton-based direct sales
company has grown tremendously,
and now has almost 7,500
consultants around Canada and the
United States.
of the day, we’re not really a tea
company. What we are is a tea party company.
When you look at our catalogue, we have lots
of tea, but we have hardware as well. We also
have baked goods. We have a line of soaps. We
have a line of jams. Anything that could be fun
at a party would fit our model,” explains CEO
Hatem Jahshan.
The sales model that suits
many individuals today
Tonia and Hatem, married, both had busy, high-
pressure careers before Steeped Tea. After a
tragic personal event made them reconsider their
direction, they decided to take a vacation and
unwind at a B&B in Nova Scotia. Tonia fell in love
with the loose leaf tea the B&B served, found
out which tea company made it and stocked up.
She left her former job as the couple decided to
prioritize starting a family, and she began selling
tea baskets locally.
“At one point, somebody asked her to do a
tea party. That first tea party sparked four other
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