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Steeped Tea
tea parties. She would consult with the hostess
about what specifically she wanted to do at the
party, whether it was to sample white teas, green
teas, black teas, or have a martini party. She got
very creative. Every time she attended a party,
people at that party would want to book a party
as well. It got to a point where it ballooned, and
she was literally out of the house every evening,”
Jahshan recalls.
As their family grew, the Jahshans knew that
it was time to think about expanding the business
beyond Tonia herself. Waiting too long to book
parties meant that hostesses lost interest, whereas
booking too many compromised quality time with
the family. Tonia, who had put herself through
college with direct sales, decided that direct
selling was the best way to grow the business.
Tonia implemented the sales model with a close
group of friends. Now, Steeped Tea has thousands
of consultants who appreciate the flexibility that
the direct selling model allows.
“My wife founded the company based on her
needs at the time and it just so happened that she
stumbled upon a niche that fit well with a lot of
women today, especially in our society. The nice
thing about this model is that she spent the whole
day with the family, with the kids, and she has that
one-on-one time with them. It’s hard to find a
part-time job for two hours a night that pays well,
whereas with this, she could set her own hours,
the income was great, and she could do as many
or as few as she wanted,” says Jahshan.
Tonia Jahshan
Hatem Jahshan
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