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Maintaining a strong
commitment to the
For a lot of entrepreneurs, the direct sales
model is desirable because the sales force isn’t
employed by the company; they’re their own
business owners who represent the company
and earn a commission based on what they sell.
Steeped Tea consultants earn a commission of
25–39% based on where they are in the com-
pany’s compensation plan. Because Steeped
Tea deeply values their consultants, ingrained in
the company’s policy is a focus on making the
process of joining the team as a consultant as
straightforward as possible.
“We don’t have qualifications for consul-
tants. We don’t interview consultants. We don’t
screen consultants. Practically anybody can be
a consultant,” stresses Jahshan. “They just need
to purchase a kit at 99 dollars, which has all
the basics to get you going. It’s literally priced
at cost, and makes the start-up process very
simple. As soon as people join and purchase the
kit, they get their own virtual back office which
they can log into for training and placing orders.
They have three months of free access to their
own shopping cart and website, and newslet-
ters that go out to their customers. So for under
a hundred dollars, you’ve got your own business
where you can sell tea, and immediately right off
the bat make 25% off of anything that you sell.
You’re basically all set up to do everything that
took Tonia four years to do on her own.”
Although anybody can become a
consultant, the most successful consultants
have unique qualities and come from a variety
of different backgrounds.
“They’re outgoing, they’re friendly, and
they’re not really what you would expect. Some
of our top consultants are teachers, grand-
parents, people who have worked in the retail
industry. There is no real barrier. Everybody has a
green light to succeed,” Jahshan tells us.
Hatem joined Tonia full-time the same
year that the team pitched their business on
Dragons’ Den. To reaffirm their commitment to
their consultants, one of the stipulations in their
shareholders agreement with the investors was
that the couple’s salary remained limited and
fixed. The couple went into the Dragons’ Den
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