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The Canadian Business Journal
with their company at 300% growth that year,
and the business had over a million dollars in
sales. When they left Dragons’ Den, they were at
600% growth.
Just a couple of years after closing the
deal, Steeped Tea entered the U.S. market.
“It’s amazing what can happen when a
business is passionate about its following. For
us, the sales force is the business. Our consul-
tants really are the company, and Tonia puts
them ahead of everything else. This story isn’t
about Tonia and ourselves; it’s about the con-
sultants, and how powerful a sales force can
be, a sales force that’s connected socially like
this. Because of this awesome growth rate, the
company has been profitable, but all profits
go right back into the company. The constant
message is that everything we do here is all
about the consultants, and that’s the key to our
success. People notice that. Our sales force
sees it, and our customers see it,” remarks
Through their consultants, the innovative
company has created an active community of
tea lovers. Tonia Jahshan conducts tea tours
across Canada and the U.S. to connect with
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