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Sharp’s Audio Visual
innovation and teamwork are the key to suc-
cess. “The current environment demands that
Sharp’s is constantly looking for ways to trans-
form and adapt our business” Says Jeff Faber.
“The professional audio visual industry is now
less focused on specific devices and instead
is centred on cloud and IT-based collabora-
tive solutions that allow our clients to be more
productive in their meetings.”
One example of Sharp’s innovation is their
investment into the constant development of
their Rapid Care service level program. They
have recently added an Elite level to their Rapid
Care program to manage situation critical
audio visual systems such as control rooms to
meet market demand. They have also recently
established themselves as a SMART Certified
Training Centre in three provinces which
places them in an elite group of organizations
that can offer certification training for SMART
“A significant change this year is an over-
haul to our business systems to a complete
in the cloud ERP solution” says Jeff Faber.
“This product will enable us to work faster and
smarter to meet our client’s demands. Also,
we have established a Presidents council this
year in an effort to incubate innovative ideas
from within the organization. This council is a
mechanism for staff to provide unique ideas to
senior management to foster innovation in the
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