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Sharp’s Audio Visual
Through managed and professional ser-
vice products as well as their commitment to
building strategic partnerships, Sharp’s is able
to be the strategic communication technol-
ogy partner for their customers, providing
them exceptional experiences. They constantly
engage their customers through a dedicated
team of system designers, consulting services,
trainers, programmers, after sales support
technicians, project managers and installation
professionals. “We have been very successful
establishing long term partnerships with key
organizations that contribute to our mutual
benefit” Says Jeff Faber. “SAIT Polytechnic
in Calgary is a perfect example. Sharp’s has
acted as the preferred supplier to SAIT for the
past twelve years, working closely to provide
solutions that deliver maximum value to their
stakeholders. In addition, we have supported
the organization through annual scholarship
Sharp’s Vendor Focus program enables
them to align their sales, design and fulfillment
efforts, ensuring that clients receive optimal
value from the products and systems they
provide. They continue to establish partner-
ships with organizations across Canada who
see value in both their regional and national
scope and expertise. “We have several large cli-
ent projects in development that are exciting”
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