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Sharp’s Audio Visual
visual industry is a
vibrant and active one that touches us every
day through our digital signage, meeting
spaces and classrooms and ever increasingly
on our mobile devices. It is also an industry
that has become essential to the operation
of government, institutions and corpora-
tions, resulting in a growing need not only
for equipment but for installation, integra-
tion and managed services contracts. These
stakeholders are the most prominent con-
sumers of audio visual products and services.
The increased need for communication and
collaboration in these environments is fueling a
reliance on audio visual systems.
Sharp’s Audio Visual delivers a complete
range of innovative audio visual and digital
signage solutions with class-leading profes-
sionalism and service. Sharp’s started as a
circuit show services company in Alberta in
1923 with Sharp’s founder, William Henry
Bowerman Sharp, traveling the country side
showing the likes of Buster Keaton films to
rural communities that did not have access to
movie houses. For the past 91 years, Sharp’s
has been a leader in the development of
Photo Courtesy of Moment Factory
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