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Sharp’s Audio Visual
audio visual solutions in Canada.They have an
Illustrious history of growth through mergers,
acquisitions and organic growth, that now rec-
ognize Sharp’s Audio Visual as a coast to coast
organization within the country.
“Sharp’s Audio Visual is focused on provid-
ing outstanding experiences to our customers
through the total life cycle of their audio
visual communications needs” says Jeff Faber,
President and CEO. “In particular, we are
focused on managed and professional services
such as consulting services to ensure full needs
analysis is provided prior to build out as well as
asset management and after sales services.”
Sharp’s is an audio visual systems integra-
tor with a focus on services and was placed
sixteenth in the top fifty North American
integrators in the Systems Contractor News
for 2014. For several years they have been
a member of the Global Presence Alliance
which offers a sole source solutions approach
to global audio visual integration projects.
They can facilitate standardized audio visual
implementation almost anywhere in the
world. This alliance has been very helpful to
assisting their clients’ growing geographic
needs. “Additionally, we have recently seen a
large shift toward the Microsoft Lync based
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