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Brentwood College
What does Emmy award winning
director Michelle MacLaren have in
common with Olympic gold medalist
Malcolm Howard? Both are alumni of
one of Canada’s leading independent
secondary education boarding
schools, Brentwood College.
crystal-clear coastline of
Vancouver Island, Brentwood College’s 77-acre
campus offers the best of student living, learning,
and extra-curricular opportunities. Since 1923,
students from around the world have come to
Brentwood seeking a superior learning experi-
ence. Like MacLaren and Howard, many alumni
have made outstanding achievements in science,
citizenship, arts, and athletics.
In June 2011
The Canadian Business Journal
featured Brentwood’s ‘Tripartite Program,” a
unique combination of daily academic, ath-
letic, and artistic opportunities for students. This
approach provides positive exposure to a variety
of different disciplines, while still allowing stu-
dents to pursue the subjects they enjoy.
Now, less than four years later, the school
has increased and improved its offerings to better
serve the needs of its diverse student community.
Under New Leadership
In 2012, Brentwood College welcomed Mr.
Bhadresh (Bud) Patel as its fourth Head of
School. Patel, after having served for many years
in both teaching and administrative roles with
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