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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
other West Coast independent schools, joined
as the first externally hired Head of School in
Brentwood’s history. Through bringing on Patel,
Brentwood brought on new experiences, ideas,
and potential for growth.
“The first thing we did was develop a com-
munity-based Strategic Plan for the school,”
Patel explains in a recent interview with
“We wanted the plan to have a ‘world flavour’ to
it, to help us establish ourselves as a school of
global perspective and significance.”
In recent years, Brentwood College has
been making an increasing impact in the global
secondary education arena. As of the 2014-
2015 school year, approximately 25% of the
school’s total student population consisted of
international students, representing 32 coun-
tries. About 7% of international students are
based in the Unites States. Of the remain-
ing 75%, approximately 65% are domestic
Canadians and 10% are ex-pat Canadians.
Importantly, Brentwood College practices
a philosophy of student choice in its applica-
tion process, eschewing the perceived practice
of admitting students who are ‘sent’ to board-
ing school. In order to attract what Patel refers
to as “mission centred students,” who are
the right for the school and vice-versa both
the parents and more importantly the child
applying must show an eagerness to enrol at
Brentwood. Should a student express that they
would prefer not to attend, Brentwood will
politely decline admission.
“[Our admission standards] have really created
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