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Brentwood College
Brentwood’s Grade 8 preparatory day school
program has its own independent timetable,
focus, and attention apart from the upper years.
Students do not receive an official house affili-
ation, as they return to their family homes in
the evening. Instead, the Grade 8 preparatory
program aims to prepare students for potential
enrollment within the Grade 9-12 boarding pro-
gram while continually providing an innovative
and creative daily learning environment.
In order to facilitate expanding student offer-
ings and student population growth, Brentwood
underwent a $50 million facility rebuilding and
improvement program. The renovations included
updating or constructing buildings including
Crooks Hall that meets LEED standards.
Educational Opportunities
for Every Student
One of Brentwood’s greatest strengths is its
ability to adapt to global educational and
workforce trends. In addition to the Tripartite
program, the school recently introduced its
grade 9-12 STEAM learning program.
STEAM – an acronym for Science,
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10
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