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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math –
represents a key offering within Brentwood’s
academic program. The School identified these
five core fields as necessary competencies to
future career success.
“Brentwood College is a leader for places
of learning,” says Patel, “Our programs are
set up to help students become independent
individuals, ready to take on and overcome the
challenges of the world.”
Patel describes this as teaching “Grit and
Joy;” that is, students learn the skills and atti-
tude needed to excel in whichever field they
choose, and develop the good natured attitude
to appreciate their success.
In addition to the STEAM program, Brentwood
College has also introduced Brentwood TV; a new
multimedia and journalism class that prepares
students looking to develop careers in the enter-
tainment and media industries.
Brentwood College’s extra-curricular pro-
grams also continue to be very robust. Rowing
remains one of the school’s historic athletic
focuses; however, Brentwood offers over 20
sports and wellness opportunities including
yoga, volleyball, basketball and rugby. Students
interested in pursuing artistic endeavors can
choose from a variety of different specialized
activities within the areas of performance art,
visual art, dance, music, and photography.
As stated by Patel, “One of the most
important things [at Brentwood] is providing
opportunities for students to achieve their own
personal excellence.”
Preparing for
a Bright Future
The core aspect of Brentwood’s preparation for
the future is its Strategic Plan. Spanning from
2013-2023, the plan aims to propel Brentwood
forward as a global leader in secondary education.
The Strategic Plan encompasses three core goals:
• Innovation, establishing Brentwood as a
globally renowned leading-edge place of
• Sustainability, ensuring that Brentwood
remains financially, environmentally, and
academically viable for future genera-
• Engagement, creating a culture of com-
munity and philanthropy in both current
and future students.
Each goal is integral to the continued suc-
cess of Brentwood College. Should the school
remain committed to the achievement of each,
there is no doubt it is on the road to tremen-
dous global success.
Brentwood College School’s future, sup-
ported by dedicated faculty, students, and
families, is bright.
For more information on Brentwood College,
please visit
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