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SMART Technologies
SMART Solutions for
SMART’s business solutions focus on liberating
knowledge workers from unproductive meetings,
enabling faster decision making and reducing
business risk. SMART provides technology and
services that help turn meetings into a time when
people can collaborate naturally and where work
can actually be done. By providingcollaborative
solutions to a variety of industries, SMART has
successfully transformed the way organizations
work with their specialized software applications
like AutoCAD, TeklaBIMsight and iObeya.
SMART solutions for business can change the
way industries share and work with digital infor-
mation, turning the workplace into interactive,
engaging collaboration spaces where teamwork
can thrive. SMART works closely with industries
to help discover which SMART solutions will best
accommodate their customers’ needs.
SMART Meeting Pro™ software is visual col-
laboration software that allows users to create and
capture ideas in the virtually interactive unbound
workspace, as well as make notes over available
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