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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
application, keep meetings organized, and com-
municate outcomes. This software coupled with
the most extensive range of touch-enabled inter-
active displays enriches collaboration sessions
and keep participants engaged.
An extensive selection of products are available
to meet any organization’s needs. SMART offers
industries unique ways to transform collaboration
and revolutionize the way businesses connect.
Currently, more than 125 blue-chip (Fortune 500)
companies in over 50 countries around the world
are using SMART’s visual collaboration solutions in
industries such as financial services, manufacturing
and advanced technology.
Giving Back to the
SMART is committed to being a good corporate
citizen. In April 2014, the company announced
an exciting partnership with Free the Children, an
international charity and educational partner that
strives to educate, engage and empower youth
to become active local and global citizens.
Since teaming up together, SMART has raised
nearly $300,000 in 2015 through a combina-
tion of corporate contributions as well as various
fundraising initiatives. With the intent to help
break the cycle of poverty and teach long-term
sustainability, a group of SMART employees
traveled to Verdara, India, in a “Me to We” cam-
paign to help build a school. The employees
interacted with the locals and conducted inter-
views to better respond to the community’s
needs. The SMART team added a fully equipped
computer lab as part of their “Adopt a Village
Looking Forward
SMART is defined by innovation and their desire
to improve the way the world works and learns.
Their technology helps customers discover
new ideas, new ways of learning and new ways
of collaborating. Their easy-to-use interactive
displays and integrated solutions have greatly
impacted classrooms and meeting rooms around
the world where SMART products can be found
in use in over 175 countries.
SMART’s ongoing strategies include monetiz-
ing software, expanding enterprise solutions as
well as increasing investment in leading interactive
flat panels, SMART Kapp and software. Education
headwinds will likely continue partially offset by
interactive flat panels outpacing their interactive
whiteboards, education software and services.
SMART continues to be a vibrant, growing,
profitable business based on innovative solutions
for their customers in education and business.
“If our diverse team has one unifying charac-
teristic, it’s a genuine passion for what we do,”
says Gaydon. “Everywhere you look at SMART,
you’ll find stories of the real-world impact our
products are having. It’s something we take great
pride in and are excited to be a part of.”
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