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SMART Technologies
Founded in 1987, SMART
Technologies (SMART) is a world
leader in collaboration solutions that
are redefining the way the world
works and learns. Headquartered
in Calgary, Alberta, SMART is an
innovator in interactive touch
technologies and software that
inspire collaboration in both
education and businesses around
the globe. The company develops
interactive displays and software
solutions for teachers, students
and business. SMART also offers
software solutions for the classroom
that enable co-creation and fosters
student collaboration on devices
while giving teachers real-time insight
into learning and contribution.
appointed President and
CEO of SMART Technologies in October 2012.
Throughout his career, his hallmark has been
defining and executing strategy, creating effec-
tive structure and changing business culture on a
global scale.
To date, SMART is the world’s leading provider
of interactive whiteboards that are used by over
70 million students and their teachers. SMART
Technologies is Headquartered in Calgary,
Canada, with international offices globally. SMART
has approximately 1,000 employees worldwide
and has been committed to innovation and
excellence for more than 25 years.
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