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SMART Technologies
SMART is best known for developing and
implementing the world’s first interactive white-
board back in 1991. Today, SMART’s solution
portfolio has evolved to include award-winning
interactive displays, collaboration software, inter-
active learning software and the all-new
SMART kapp® family of products.
SMART Board® became the bridge to con-
nect people to the information they need; to
teach, learn and explain ideas, which made this
interaction seamless. The SMART Board was
also the platform for other SMART products. The
popularity of the SMART Board extended beyond
the classroom and into boardrooms where
communication in real-time has transformed
collaboration. Businesses across the globe are
embracing SMART Technologies.
SMART’s Philosophy
in Creating Natural
We sat down with SMART executives to learn
more about the company.
“Our global success with educators stems
from the results they achieve with our products,
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