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JULY 2015
The Canadian Business Journal
which are known to support natural, student-
centered learning,” says Jeff Lowe, SMART vice
president of Global Marketing. “Our solutions for
business teams increase innovation and boost
productivity by working together without the
restrictions of traditional tools or distance.”
“It wasn’t just about having a compelling
strategy” says Neil Gaydon, president and Chief
Executive Officer at SMART. “Your fundamental
culture, how you do things in the company and
how these things join together is really impor-
tant,” adds Gaydon.
The SMART culture is owned and lived by
everyone. “One way to encourage the SMART
culture is to build trust among employees,”
says Gaydon. “SMART holds regular Town Hall
meetings where I talk openly about our results
and our progress both the good and the not so
good.” SMART employs are realistic approach
to reward achievement when they do well and
inspire better performance when they don’t.
SMART employees understand their individual
contribution to the company and how they can
impact the business every day. “This not only drives
accountability and great execution but it also
engenders a sense of belonging,” says Gaydon.
The process of innovation and one of the
things SMART strives for is to disprove the myth
that innovation is conserved by a handful of peo-
ple who have creative and innovative ideas. “It’s
actually about encouraging people to think about
how something works and making it better,” says
Gaydon. When presenting an overall idea, SMART
employees continue to relentlessly keep asking
the questions that drive more innovation to come
to solutions that make their product so compel-
ling and so easy to use as a result.
SMART kapp – the Next
Even though the dry-erase board and flip charts
are still commonplace because they are easy
to use, they don’t fit in with today’s connected
world. SMART kapp is just as simple to write on
as the latter but magically allows anyone to cap-
ture, save and share their ideas and thoughts to
any device, anywhere and anytime.
“Everyone who sees and uses SMART kapp
falls in love with it as it solves a real problem,
makes things easier and seamlessly joins the ana-
log world of writing with a dry erase pen with the
digital world of connectivity,” says Lowe. “SMART
kapp has the capacity to change the world for the
masses just as we did in the classroom 20 years
ago.” Not only will the education system benefit
from this new technology but it extends past the
classroom, allowing kapp to be used by everyone.
In schools, SMART kapp enriches small group
collaboration by allowing students to naturally
capture discussion notes and digitally share
outcomes with the instructor or with the broader
class via student devices or through front of
room display. Class notes can be shared in real-
time, saved and easily distributed after class, so
students can focus on class discussion, rather
than copying notes.
No matter what the teaching style or
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